Facebook to Sell Site Credits in Asia

In a move to increase the access to paid games and virtual goods, Facebook is entering into a deal with a Malaysian company to sell site credits in physical stores. According to an AP report:

“Electronic payments company MOL – part of the business empire of tycoon Vincent Tan – will offer the online currency from Aug. 1 at more than 500,000 outlets including 7-Eleven stores, Internet cafes and online banks in five Southeast Asian countries, India, Australia and New Zealand, company spokesman Nor Badron said Friday.”


This could be a great move for Facebook. If successful, they could easily expand this approach to other parts of the world where online payments are not prevalent. Further, this move could also open up a whole new crop of app developers, ready to develop local flavored apps and games.

Source AP

Google’s Open Spot Aims to Reduce Your Parking Woes

Google Labs has come out with yet another innovative solution, this time to reduce your parking woes, with the Open Spot mobile app. The app helps you locate open parking spots within a mile radius. Of course, the success of the app is contingent upon the number of do-gooders around you. Those pulling out of [...]

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Mobile Apps from Uncle Sam

In a cool new development, the usa.gov website now hosts a mobile app store at apps.usa.gov. The store currently has twenty apps addressing a wide range of fields, including product recalls, alternative fueling and calorie counting. All the apps are free, but not all apps are designed to run on all mobile platforms. Some of [...]

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