The Social Network: Not the Geek Fix It Sounds Like

The Social Network is a great movie. It provides a view into the birth of one the most exciting companies of our times. It has the relentless pace and the trademark dialogue of an Aaron Sorkin production. Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake and Andrew Garfield have delivered fine performances, and the writers have done an admirable job of building a feature length story out of the amalgamation of facts and hearsay, while managing to stay out of legal trouble.

But a fix of geekiness, it is not. If you go in expecting to watch long coding sessions unfold, or watch the team get down and dirty in scaling technical hurdles, or even talk about these things for more than a few sentences, you are likely to be disappointed. The closest the movie gets to any of this is a few references to Linux servers, indexing and password cracking. Incidentally, a Bill Gates’ speech that Zuckerberg attends while he is still at Harvard has more technical content, even though it has nothing to do with the main theme of the movie.

The movie does not fully engage with the challenges – technical or entrepreneurial – of building something that is as big and complex as Facebook. Instead the passing references to technology only serve as a backdrop to an evolving legal drama.

Incidentally, Facebook has had so many challenging moments in its short journey. Coming from behind to trump MySpace and take over as the premier social network was one such moment. Overcoming the countless privacy issues and managing to regain people’s trust was another. How about the social networking aspect itself? Wasn’t it Facebook that actually gave the nascent concept form and shape, and turn it into the next big thing? So many things a geek could feast on, that the movie didn’t even mention.

Then again, there’s nothing to say there will not be a version 2.0 of the movie!

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