Firefox 4 Beta just got Awesomer with Multitouch Support

The latest update of Firefox 4 Beta comes with a couple of goodies that has awesomeness written all over them.


The guys at Firefox have brought HTML5 and CSS3 together to give the browser one of the coolest features to date – multi-touch capability. A new set of multi-touch events have been added to the browser, which can be leveraged by developers to build highly intuitive and fun apps and websites for touch enabled surfaces. Check out the video below for a sample of what can be done. More information here

 Javascript Enhancements

The other big enhancement is in the form of updates to JavaScript handling, which will allow for a more efficient number crunching. This too will ultimately improve the interactiveness of the browser since it is aimed at helping heavy graphic sites and applications perform better. More details can be found at Rob Sayre’s Mozilla Blog

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