Windows Phone 7 Review

Windows Phone 7Just as it looked to Windows 7 to help turn around the bad press gathered during the Windows Vista days, Microsoft is now looking to the Windows Phone 7 to erase the Kin disaster from the public memory. The Windows Phone 7, slated for release “sometime this fall”, has the uphill task of taking on the two established leaders – iPhone and Android.

Will Microsoft succeed?

 While the answer to that question will have to wait, at least until this year’s holiday season, it does appear that Microsoft might have taken a step in the right direction by starting with a clean slate and including a number of cravable elements in the phone.

Gizmodo has an in-depth review of the phone including pictures. Says Gizmodo (about the phone):

“It manages to do something that’s sadly rare for Microsoft, which is to leverage all of these different Microsoft products and services—Bing, Xbox Live, Zune to name a few—and seamlessly bring them together in a single, polished product. Which is exactly what Windows Phone 7 needs to be.”

Read the entire review here

Source: Gizmodo

Poly9 Snatched Up by Apple?

Apple has acquired Canadian mapping company, Poly9, according to the French-Canadian news site Cyberpresse. Among Poly9’s products is a cross-browser 3D globe – the Poly9 Globe. The interactive geolocation tool allows users to spin the 3D globe and zoom in on individual locations. Neither company has confirmed, but Poly9’s website appears to be down, giving some credibility to the news. There appears to be no indication on how much Apple paid for the acquisition.

This is only the latest in a series of moves and counter moves between Apple and Google. Poly9 is the second mapping company after Placebase that Apple has acquired within the space of one year, naturally raising the question as to when can we expect Apple’s own map app to replace Google maps on iPhones and iPads.

Does this mean that YouTube clones will become the next acquisition targets for Apple? One can only wonder since so far the rivalry between the two giants has been anything but predictable.

Source Cyberpresse Via PCWorld

Mobile Apps from Uncle Sam

In a cool new development, the website now hosts a mobile app store at The store currently has twenty apps addressing a wide range of fields, including product recalls, alternative fueling and calorie counting. All the apps are free, but not all apps are designed to run on all mobile platforms. Some of them, like the Alternative Fuel Locator are simply mobile web apps.

Judging from its design , we might be witnessing just the beginning of the store. In fact, one of the FAQs even provides an email address for sending new app ideas. So, we might be in for a whole new slew of interesting and useful apps to fill those ios4 app folders on our phones.

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